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Fetti Records

This is how it all started

Haitian American artist Rich Fetti was born in Rocky Mount, NC, and raised by both parents in the Eastside of Ft. Lauderdale. A small community in Broward County heavily influenced by island cultures food, music, and crime. Rich love for music started as a kid in church, singing in choir and boy group. Understanding early that his family was underprivileged, young Rich turned to the streets.


Rich musical journey would not begin years after a few prison stints. You can hear early recordings by Rich Fetti alongside A.M.P Fetti & Big Deal aka Big Dieggo on albums released by Fetti Records, an independent music label founded by Rich & partner Streets Fetti, where they signed and developed artists in Florida for years. After crafting his writing, and producing for artists and himself for years behind the scenes Rich Fetti released his EP “4&A Baby” in 2022.


The streets were listening. Summer Body Aye was one of many stand-out singles. Rich Fetti made another big splash in 2022 with not one but four guest appearances on Houston legend Sauce Walka’s album Sauce Beach Florida. With a co-sign from the Sauce God, Rich Fetti follows up with Sauce Pwa. He brings along Fetti veteran A.M.P and new sprayer $am1kayy as the three alongside Sauce Walka delivers Sauce Pwa the album for the holidays.

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BR Taxes & Insurance

About BR Taxes & Insurance 

At BR Taxes And Insurance, we specialize in providing insurance policies to consumers. As a liaison between insurance companies, we help our valued customers find the most suitable and affordable coverage options. Our extensive range of insurance products allows us to cater to the diverse needs of our clients by tailoring policies that align perfectly with their unique lifestyles. By leveraging our expertise and connections within the industry, we ensure our customers receive the best possible insurance solutions offering comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

BR Taxes & Insurance
BR Taxes & Insurance


Independent Insurance Agency

Phone: 954-707-2078
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